Autumn Approaches

So summer is over, the kids are going back to school and we Green Ladies will be getting ready to launch a brand new fragrance. We`re going to tease you a little with this blog post by saying its something woody & earthy yet subtly sweet & uplifting. We`re still debating a name and we`d love to know your opinion so we`ll be launching a poll on our socials very soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

We`ve also been very busy behind the scenes planning our expansion in the workshop, we`ll hopefully be getting some shiny new toys to make our production run that little bit smoother. We have come a long way from a simple bain-marie in our kitchen! It`s been a crazy year for everyone and we`ve been very lucky to have a loyal customer base that has kept us afloat. So a massive THANK YOU to you folks reading and supporting our wee business! If you haven`t already subscribed to our newsletter please do as we regularly send out exclusive discounts and deals to our subscribers.

You may have noticed that we`ve added a 40ml option to our online store but stock is very limited on these as we are currently waiting on a shipment of our cardboard tubes arriving. These smaller sizes are more affordable than our 70ml option but they only last around 6 weeks with typical usage, whereas the 70ml option gives you 3 months of use. If you`ve been holding off on purchasing because of the cost (we understand! Having spent a small fortune ourselves on natural deodorants that didn`t work, before Green Ladies N.I was born) then these are perfect for sampling. Also new to our online store is the market collection which contains products that we would have sold alongside our own at different markets. These are all eco-friendly items like beeswax wraps & bamboo toothbrushes, have a look and add some more goodies to your plastic free arsenal.

That`s all for this month but you can keep up to date on our socials and by subscribing to our newsletter, as always.

Stay Green!!



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