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  • Von D

Launch is green for GO

We`ve done all the groundwork, we`ve made a lot of products and a few adjustments, and we are now ready to launch... in T-minus 30 seconds this page will self-destruct...

All joking aside, we`ve been working really hard ironing out all the creases and getting ready for our launch date of Dec 1st 2018 and we are just about there now. A lot of time and effort has been put into bringing the green ladies into the world and, with the world in mind, we are aiming to make a BIG difference in the cosmetic industry both locally and globally. Our research, stress levels and time invested have led us to the point of no return and we are very excited to finally share our products (and our story) with you.

I`m not a blogger, this may be obvious, but I wanted to start this blog to give any potential customers a glimpse into the world of green cosmetics. Green as in Eco-friendly, Natural, Renewable, Recycled, Ethically sourced and GOOD FOR YOU - Go Green for the Greater Good. TM

(I don`t think trademarks work that way but hey, Goddess loves a trier!)

We`ll be updating our product range very soon and would welcome any feedback on what you`d like us to make so be sure to subscribe to our mailing list for all our latest news and information.

GL1 over and out