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  • Von D

Melty Days

So today we finalized our business plan and started making crucial choices about branding and labelling for our first product. Hence the blog title... and the late night blog post. But first things first... put the kettle on and let me tell you a little bit about who we are and what we`re doing.

We started our journey to natural living and zero waste around 3 years ago by making our own toothpaste and then gradually developing various recipes for other personal hygiene products. We now make all our own personal and household products from scratch; and are on a mission to spread our vision for a more sustainable and natural future.

Environmentally friendly, Ecological, and Natural solutions to 21st century problems have been available for quite a while; but they take significantly more time and effort to achieve.

Green Ladies N.I are here to put the time and effort in - it`s our world, only we can change it.